Crop Protection With Basf Fipronil - Available As Goliath And Regent

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Agricultural Pest Control Products: Fipronil

Applications of Basf pest control products
As a soil treatment, fipronil provides excellent control of both soil and selected foliar insect pests in various crops at application rates significantly less than current standard insecticides.

Advantages of Basf insect control products
Fipronil is currently registered in more than 70 countries for the control of insect pests in more than100 crops. Registered crops range from row crops such as rice, corn, potatoes and small grains to specialty crops such as ornamentals, mangoes and chili peppers.
A decided strength of the molecule is its application and formulation flexibility. It can be used for either foliar crop sprays, soil applications or seed treatments, depending on the crop/pest situation. Due to its non-repellent properties, it is extremely effective in bait applications. A directed development program continues to find novel uses that reflect this flexibility.
Fipronil not only protects a grower’s harvest, but it has also been proven in some cases that these crop protection products have increased crop yields.

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