Perfect Digest Palatable Amino Acid Source by BEC Feed Solutions

PerfectDigest available from BEC Feed Solutions
PerfectDigest available from BEC Feed Solutions

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Perfect Digest

Perfect Digest is a Palatable Amino Acid source for piglet creep/ weaner, sow, broiler and companion animal nutrition. The spray dried peptide isolate is obtained from fresh sourced marine material with added palatability enhancing fish source odour.

Perfect Digest is made up of a full range of essential amino acids
Other benefits include:

  • Highly digestible amino acid sources, low manufacturing temperatures minimize denaturing of amino acids
  • Low molecular weight enables efficient digestion and gut absorption
  • Contains fish source odour, enhancing umami effect and stimulating appetite for piglets, sows and other pets
  • For use in young pig diets or an alternative to plasma protein
  • Can be used to reduce fish meal levels in feed for piglets/ sows
  • Heat stable in temperatures of up to 90c
  • Salmonella free
Weaner Diets- (4%- 6%)
  • Use up to 6% DM in the first stage weaner diets and decrease over the weaner period
  • Allows use with plasma protein
Sow Diets- (1%- 4%)
  • Use to encourage feed intake
  • Improves digestible amino acid levels
Broiler Diets (2%)
  • Feed minimum of 25 grams per bird, up to 50 grams
  • Reduce fish meal inclusion with adjustments to energy levels
Pet food (0.5%- 1%)
  • Apply post extrusion by dusting onto pellets
Obtained from fresh marine sourced material, Perfect Digest is high in bio-available amino acids as well as other nutrients that are beneficial
for gut health.
The manufacturing process has a selective nature of specific membrane filtration that allows optimum levels of highly digestible nutrients and low levels of salt, fat and biogenic amines. Making Perfect Digest an ideal amino acid source for Piglet Creep/ weaner, sow, broiler and pet food diets.

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