Rumen Protected Amino Acids for Modern Dairy Cow Nutrition from BEC Feed Solutions

MetiPEARL™ and LysiPEARL™
MetiPEARL™ and LysiPEARL™

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MetiPEARL™<br />LysiPEARL™

MetiPEARL™ and LysiPEARL™ are designed specifically to prevent Methionine and Lysine being degraded in the rumen after consumption and to ensure their release and absorption in the small intestine.

Prevents degradation of amino acids in the rumen, allowing release and absorption in small intestine
Other features include:

  • Sources of Methionine and Lysine produced from applying specialized spray freezing technology to these limiting amino acids embedded in an oil matrix
  • Spray freezing process prevents the Methionine and Lysine from being lost in the rumen which ensures they reach the small intestine
  • Effectively and efficiently supplements the cow's Methionine and Lysine supply
  • Helps ensure correct supply and balance of crucial amino acids
Protein Nutrition is a Key Component of Milk Production

Feeding today’s modern, high producing dairy cow requires a level and balance of nutrients that matches genetic potential. Total protein supply and overall balance of amino acids are important to milk production and efficiency of protein use by cows. Amino acids, Methionine and Lysine, are often in short supply and not in the correct balance for cost-efficient protein use by lactating dairy cows.

Effective supply of these limiting amino acids requires them to be in a form that protects them from rumen fermentation so that they can be released and absorbed in the small intestine.

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