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TM Foliar Product
TM Foliar Product
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TM Foliar Fertiliser

TM Foliar is a product developed to meet crop nutrient requirements during growth. It is based on scientific research conducted on crops in different climates and soils around the world. This product has a balance of different nutrients in forms readily available to the plant.TM Foliar helps plants absorb the required nutrients through the leaves when the product is sprayed on leaves. The combined influence of significantly higher nutrient absorption, and nutrients available in ready-to-absorb forms, gives the plants a balance of nutrients in the tissue, allowing for strong, healthy growth. As a result of this process, the overall crop quality and performance will be higher.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

All the ingredients used in manufacturing TM Foliar are derived from reliable, non-toxic chemical and organic sources. It can be used in the production of all commercial agricultural, horticultural and feed crops. The results are consistent when this product is used on different crops and soils, in different conditions and climates.

Easy To Apply

It is recommended that TM Foliar be applied on crops at the 4-to-5 leaf stage. It can be applied with most broad leaf control. A minimum of one application is required, but it can be applied more often, depending on the type of crop and its length of growing period. In greenhouses and on horticultural tree or fruit crops, it can be spayed once every month until one month before the last harvest. It can be safely mixed with most other fertilizers and herbicides while applying. 

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