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Cattle breeding from Birubi

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Birubi  is a specialist of cattle operations in Australia. The company has set up stud farms in a number of strategic locations in the country. Some of the major Birubi stud farms are Birubi Limousin, Birubi Angus and Birubi Lim-flex. Apart from cattle operations, other services provided by Birubi include stud cattle showing and embryo transfer.
The new herd sires from Birubi include the Kensel Back in Black, Reserve Junior Bull, Grand Champion Bull, Canberra Royal, Sydney Royal and the Dubbo Beef Spectacular. The Limousin stud from Birubi was established in the year 1992 and has been successfully functioning ever since. A specialty service from Birubi is the breeding of functional cattle. These functional cattle can be of various types such as black, red, polled or French Pure.

The Limousin stud farm breeds both international as well as Australian cattle and sire. The major sires from Birubi include the Birubi Black in Back, Hunt Mr Jock 44J, Stevens Top Gun, Kensal Vegemite Kid, Calderwood No Tremor, Premium Birubi S35, EXLR Power Up 009J and many more.

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