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Air blasters and spraying equipment from Brisbane Tractor Sales

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Brisbane Tractor Sales  supplies a wide range of slashers and sprayers including air blasters, diesel tanks, mover ramps, hand sprayers, motorised misters, pressure regulator kits and portable sprayers. Brisbane Tractor Sales also distributes vehicles, tractors, industrial engines, mowers, wheel trimmers and lawn care products.

Air blasters from Brisbane Tractor Sales comes with Silvan oil-backed diaphragm pumps with nitrile diaphragms. These air blasters are characterised by ten blade axial flow fans and two-speed oil bath gearboxes in neutral positions. Brisbane Tractor Sales offers air blasters in 2000 litre tank capacities and pumps with 5000 kilopascal pressure capacities.

Air blasters distributed by Brisbane Tractor Sales consist of pentomatic multifunction controls with pressure gauges. The Econotuff 1000 litre Air Blast from Brisbane Tractor Sales is available with features such as an 8- blade axial flow fan. It comes with single speed and oil bath gearbox in neutral positions. These air blasters comprise of three outlet controls with pressure regulators and hoses to mount on to tractors. Air blasters distributed by Brisbane Tractor Sales features pump bypass plus venturi pressure jet agitation.

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