Chainbars from Brookfield

Prickle chain & small seeds applicator
Prickle chain & small seeds applicator
Prickle chain & small seeds applicator Brookfield Chainbar D130 Chemical Application Kit in use Brookfield Chainbar in use

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BROOKFIELD D60, D90, D110, D130, D150, D150D, D185, D200

The Brookfield Chainbar is simply the implement to which our whole range of chains and tooling can be fitted. These versatile machines have a huge variety of applications including stubble knockdown and mulching (wheaten, canola, sorghum, sunflower, corn stubble etc), weed kill, soil levelling, line incorporation, and are also recommended by argonomists for chemical incorporation.

The Brookfield Chainbar features simple and superior chain tensioning and offers compact transport:
  • Easy height adjustment
  • AUX power for light kit
  • Heavy duty hubs
  • Heavy duty swivel bearings
  • Horsepower requirements - 5-15hp/m
Lights and Signs Options for the Brookfield Chainbar include a Full LED light kit, an OVERSIZE sign and Flag options:
  • Disc chains available with replaceable discs
  • Prickle chains available
  • Dog Leg chains available
  • Minimum and Zero till options available
  • Small Seed Application Kit
  • Chemical Application Kit
  • Wheel kits includes: Land Cruiser, Bedford and also the option of a Spare Tyre
  • Single Remote or Dual Remote Hydraulic options

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