Chaser Bins from Brookfield

Brookfiled Chaser Bins
Brookfiled Chaser Bins
Brookfiled Chaser Bins Rear unloading ability Heavy duty 250mm x 150mm RHS chassis 50 tonne axle rating

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CB Series Chaser Bins

The Brookfield Chaser Bin stands unique as its ingenuity was inspired through experience and driving efficiency, which allows fast and easy operation. Brookfield Chaser Bins feature a 16" unloading auger fold and allows a 2 minute full length "Quickclean".

The Brookfield Chaser Bins are designed with a heavy duty PTO shaft with slip clutch and constructed with an adjustable internal grain flow control:
  • Heavy duty 250mm x 150mm RHS chassis
  • 50 tonne axle rating
  • Viewing windows - for ease of filling on the go
  • Level unloading
  • Double auger alignment - for extra strength and smooth starting
  • Rear unloading ability
  • Hydraulic auger fold
  • Double flight pick-up
  • Heavy duty gearbox
  • Roll-top tarp with splined tightener - for easy covering
  • Heavy duty earthmoving tyres
  • Front, rear and internal ladders
  • Hydraulic drive floor auger
  • PTO driven vertical auger
  • Rear tow bar
  • Ventilation ducts for unloading with tarp on
Brookfield Chaser Bins have an 18" unloading auger as an optional feature:
  • Internal catwalk - for safe sampling
  • Auger hopper spout - for unloading into auger hoppers
  • Clip-on dual wheels - easily attached when you want that extra flotation
  • Hydraulic parking jack
  • Hydraulic auger spout - easy unload positioning adjustment

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