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The various sires at the Bunda Station stockhorse stud

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Bunda Station  breed mares under the umbrella of BTU Brand, which is a well known brand in the Northern Territory of Australia. Thoroughbred stallions form the foundation of the Australian stockhorse stud of Bunda Station.

Many of the mares reared at Bunda Station are a thoroughbred cross variety with quarter horses. Bunda Station have achieved a lot of success with this method of breeding. Some of the stockhorse sires used at Bunda Station include the Bunda Bandana Man, Lawmaker, Star Caruso and Smart Little Lucifer.

Stockhorses at Bund Station are renowned for the accolades they have won. The Bunda Bandana Man won the ‘horse of the year’ title two times in the central QLD event. At Daily Waters 2004, this horse also achieved a novice draft.

Lawmaker is the stud horse that belongs to the Rifleman sire. At the Expected Explosion QLD, this horse won four drafts and at the Expected Special QLD, Lawmaker won two drafts. The The Little Lucifer stockhorse belongs to the Flying Dollar Spin on Command sire and was used for breeding with 15 mares during the 2004 season. Star Caruso belongs to the Star Black Minstril sire and was used to cross with 20 mares.

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