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CAPS range of Airman portable diesel compressors have attracted a strong following in Australian industry.

Known for quiet operation and efficient performance, Airman’s box type compressors are easily mountable on trucks and trailers and come available with a full range of custom-engineered options.

We are proud of our long association with Airman in Japan to manufacture one of the safest and hardest working portable diesel air compressors on the market. Built tough with Shibaura, Yanmar and Isuzu engines, each of our units is jam packed with features to enhance the environment, health and safety impact of your box type compressor.

What Can You Expect With An Airman Compressor?

  • Easy to operate & start: Simple key starting every time, thanks to an electric fuel pump and self-air bleed (EFPA) pump. Operating instructions are located beside the easy-to-use instrumentation panel. 
  • Exceptionally quiet: Acoustic cabinets and low vibration levels provide a low noise package
  • Durable Construction: Electrostatic pre-painting of the full chassis and bodywork prior to assembly ensures a tough quality finish, while eliminating unpainted and rust-prone metal-to-metal areas. 
  • Maintenance made easier & faster: To minimize service time, Airman compressors are di
  • 10,000 Hours or 7 Year Warranty: 1-year / 1,500 hours manufacturer’s warranty PLUS 6-year / 8,500 hour warranty by CAPS for the compression air end (when serviced at the recommended intervals with compressor fluid and filters supplied by CAPS).
  • Longer Run Times: All Airman Products use quality fuel-efficient engines couples with generous fuel tank capacities, providing longer run times between refills!


Airman wide track portable compressors provide superior road towing, stability and maneuverability. Many towable compressors are designed for European narrow roads, which can make them harder to tow and difficult to reverse. The Airman range is built to suit Australian roads and towing vehicles.

What Are The Benefits Of Airman Towable Compressors?

  • FULL INSTRUMENTATION: Comprehensive control panel with easy to read diagnostics. Auto shutdown on high engine coolant, low engine oil pressure, high air discharge temperature.
  • 12/24V LIGHTS: Dual voltage LED taillights are fitted so that any suitable vehicle can tow the compressor.
  • GULL WING AND CABINET STYLE DOORS: Powder coated corrosion-resistant enclosures with ergonomic, one-hand operation access doors; providing safe and easy access to all service areas of the compressor. Doors and Control Panel are lockable.
  • AUSTRALIAN RUNNING GEAR: Locally manufactured trailer components are used to ensure Airman Compressors comply with local regulations. Rigid A-Frame draw bars, jockey wheel, inertia operated brakes and a hand brake are standard on all models.
  • LONG RUN TIMES: Large efficient airends and generous fuel tank capacities keep you working longer (up to 50% larger).

The Airman range extends to include a wide range of high output and high-pressure compressors. All large Airman Compressors offer the same heavy-duty robust construction, combined with renowned Japanese quality and reliability.

Ranging in output from 460 to 1,300 cfm with pressures from 125 to 350 psi, our machines are available in a number of different output combinations to suit your specific application. Airman large mobile compressors are widely used in the concrete spraying, heavy construction and drilling industries.


Pressure 120 psi—185 psi flow: 460 cfm—1,300 cfm


CAPS has its own ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility that can modify a compressor to suit your needs; even the toughest mine site specifications can be adhered to.

Below are a number of custom modifications that can be applied to your Airman compressor.

  • Aftercooler & Water Separator System
  • Environmental Containment Bases
  • High Dust Filtration (External Or Internal)
  • Lockable Battery Isolator
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Exhaust Spark Arrestor
  • Exhaust Lagging
  • Battery Jump Start
  • Fire Extinguisher/Fire Suppression System
  • Safety Release Radiator Cap
  • Custom Graphics & Safety Labels
  • Spare Wheels & Landcruiser Wheels

For further information, our friendly team are happy to assist! Contact us by filling out the form or call us at the number provided.


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