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Cattle and breeding policies from Carlton Poll Shorthorns

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Carlton Poll Shorthorns , commercial breeders, specialise in breeding Poll Shorthorn cattle and Merino sheep. The cattle section of the stud includes bulls, stud sires, female bulls and stud females. The sheep variety include breeding ewes, stud rams and lambs.

Bulls and their progeny from Carlton Poll Shorthorns can flourish in both high rainfall regions and harsh climatic situations. These bulls are strong and forceful and the females possess easy calving abilities. The cattle varieties supplied by Carlton Poll Shorthorns meet the trait requirements of commercial cattle breeders.

Carlton Poll Shorthorns have breeding policies that focus on genetic traits that offer prime beef production. The animals are flexible with easy to calve and handle features. Carlton Poll Shorthorns supply stud sires with the qualities that are essential for a South African Meat Merino breeder.
Carlton Poll Shorthorns supply the required quantity of low fat content lambs with consistent growth rates and weaning weights. With the regular feeding of lambs, Carlton Poll Shorthorns stud have produced quality wool that is less than 23 microns. Carlton Poll Shorthorns are growing steadily by maintaining the existing breeding qualities and introducing selective bloodlines and semen.

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