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Stud sires from Carlton Poll Shorthorns

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Carlton Poll Shorthorns  supply animal varieties such as lambs, breeding ewes, stud rams and cattle to commercial breeders. Sires supplied by Carlton Poll Shorthorns perform even in harsh conditions, guaranteeing reproduction, endurance and growth. The South African Meet Merino (SAMM) stud comprises of competitive genetics that ensure a commercial resource backup for farmers of the next generation.

Stud sires from Carlton Poll Shorthorns perform well in different shows and have won various titles. Pete, a stud sire, won the Champion title in the Royal Perth show 2000 and Sir Douglas Bulbarli, a senior stud sire, won the Grand Champion award in the 2001 Royal Perth Show. Carlton Poll Shorthorns use the Sir Douglas Bulbarli sire for most of their breeding processes. Carlton Poll Shorthorns share their stud business with Binarli stud, which is situated at the Carlton South East property.

Carlton Poll Shorthorns are capable of meeting the needs of SAMM breeders. They supply fine weighing lambs with standard growth rates, weaning weights and minimum fat content. Carlton Poll Shorthorns have proved that their sires can yield quality wool of less than 23 microns, with regular feeding. The sires posses easy calving abilities and can be used for breeding processes in any environment.

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