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Calcined magnesium oxide from Causmag International

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Causmag International  provides moderately reactive, high quality calcined magnesium oxide produced under controlled conditions for industrial applications. The calcined magnesium oxide was primarily manufactured for the production of magnesium oxychloride flooring.

Calcined magnesium oxide can be used in various industrial applications such as in tanning industries, fire retardant formulation, pattern making industries, abrasives, grinding and cutting wheels and in the fabrication of special cements.

Causmag International provides calcined magnesium oxide focussing on agricultural and animal health applications. This reactive calcined magnesium oxide is registered all over Australia and New Zealand as a veterinary medicine for the control and prevention of Hypomagnesaemia found in cattle and sheep.

Calcined magnesium oxide from the company can also be used as an additive to stock feeds, medicated mineral stock blocks and as oral drench for dairy cattle. The other type of reactive calcined magnesium oxide is the coarse powder which is used in many fertiliser applications in the agricultural industry.

The coarse powder of the reactive calcined magnesium oxide can be used as a side dressing for bananas, pineapples and sugar canes. It is also utilised in horticulture as an application for vegetable and commercial flower growing operations.

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