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Magnesium oxide products from Causmag International

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Causmag International  manufactures high grade magnesium oxide products ideal for agriculture, animal health, industrial and pharmaceutical applications. Causmag International has an experience of over 50 years in mining and fabricating magnesium oxides.

The magnesium oxide products are used as fertilisers. Causmag International provides magnesium oxide products made from the purist naturally occurring deposit of magnesia in the world. Magnesium oxide products are targeted towards the animal health industry for the prevention of grass tetany in dairy cattle.

Causmag International has the capacity to produce about 18,000 tonnes, of which about 70 per cent is used for animal health, where as the rest is used in various industrial applications. Magnesium oxide can be used as abrasives as a binder in grinding wheels, it can be used as supplementary feed for animal as a source of magnesium ions for chickens, cattle and other animals.

Magnesium oxide can also be used for boiler feed water treatment as it reduces iron, silica and other solids. It has the capacity to reduce corrosion of steel pipes. Magnesium oxide can be used for coating as a pigment extender in both paints and varnishes.

As a fertiliser, magnesium oxide is known to source of essential magnesium for plant nutrition. Magnesium oxides can also be used in pharmaceuticals in antacids, cosmetics, toothpaste and ointments. It is used in sugar refining process, as magnesium oxides reduce scale build-ups when used in juice clarification and precipitation.

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