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Chemicals for barley protection from Chemtura Australia

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Chemtura Australia  recommends advanced seed treatments to increase the yield potential of crops that result in healthier seedlings for barley, oats, wheat and triticale. Advance seed treatment also protects against smuts and bunts. Advance has active ingredients like carboxin and cypermethrin that is active against covered smut, loose smut seen in barley crops.

Advance is used to protect against controls cereal smuts and bunt. It does not hinder the germination of seed nor affect the growth of the coleoptile of the germinating seed. Advance seed treatment improves the yield. It encourages healthy root development. It contains cypermethrin for storage grain insect control.

Advance seed treatment contains the active ingredient carboxin, a systemic fungicide that can control smuts and bunt. Carboxin is soft on the seed and has a growth stimulation activity triggered by nitrate reductase enzyme. Advance is safe to use with herbicides at the time of sowing. It protects the plant against smuts and bunt, and helps the seedling to better tolerate adverse growing conditions.

The insecticide component of Advance is cypermethrin that stops weevils and grain borers attacking grain during storage. The active fungicide ingredient of Advance is the carboxin, a Group G fungicide. Advance is an effective tool to use in fungicide resistance management.

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