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Orange baggers from Colour Vision Systems

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Colour Vision Systems  supplies high quality fruit-sorting products. It also fabricates ancillary equipment with a range of fruit packing technologies including orange baggers. Orange baggers from Colour Vision Systems are suitable solutions for packing oranges. These operate with multiple configurations for different amounts and capacities of the fruit per bag.

The major components of orange baggers manufactured by Colour Vision Systems include feed chutes, levers and collection baskets. There are four feed chutes attached to each orange bagger. These feed chutes accept fruit from the disc filler in a single file. There are also four pairs of levers on each bagger.

The levers on each bagger are controlled by an air ram and return spring. Levers allow the fruits to pass from the feed chutes. Orange baggers have seven different lever models to choose from. With these levers, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 or 24 pieces per bag can be packed neatly and efficiently.

Orange baggers have collection baskets that are made from unique hand made steel baskets. The collection basket differs for each individual fruit-packing requirement. There are twelve collection baskets for each bagger. The collection baskets are mounted on a bracket that allow them to turn upside down in 180 degrees angle.

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