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Grow Force Organo

The Grow Force Organo range of fertilisers provides the combined benefits of both organic and inorganic ingredients. This fertiliser helps with crop nutrition and plant nutrition.
Even Distribution - Particle sizes of all the ingredients are similar providing easy flow of the product and even distribution along the drill row.


Soil Enrichment
The use of organic enriched fertilisers helps build up beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Soil Moisture Holding
The moisture holding capacity of the organic component can improve the moisture available to the plant, especially in sandy soils.

Nutrient Availability
The combination of organic and inorganic components provides both immediate and slow release of nutrients. The nutrient holding capacity of the organic component increases the availability of nutrients to the plant and reduces leaching from the root zone.

Carbon Source
The organic component will help increase soil carbon levels.

Cost Effective
Grow Force Organo fertilisers are cost competitive with other fertiliser

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