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Herd Leasing

An innovative agribusiness company, CowBank are managed by people who know the dairy industry and understand the importance of herd leasing to dairy farmers. Offering specialised rural financial services, CowBank's herd leasing service has played an important role in the growth and development of the dairy industry.

The CowBank service provides various reasons to get into herd leasing and will depend on your business requirements:

  • Farmers: By not being linked to your land mortgage, the CowBank lease does not reduce your mortgage capacity
  • Owner Operators: With increased equity and income through herd leasing, you are able to retain more of your staff offering them an opportunity to grow their equity
  • Sharefarmers: Provides an excellent platform for people wanting to become dairy farmers and own their own dairy herd

Herd Leasing payments are every 60 months 

  • 5 year lease term 
  • Residual indemnity - 20% of original herd lease value
  • Lessee has to grow replacement heifers (20% per annum) to enable replacement of cull cows
  • All CowBank cows are to be tagged with NLIS tags prior to settlement
  • Annual (or more frequent if required) audits of herd for ID and cow condition

Ensures improved productivity and income 

  • Upgrade your herd for only 10-12% of your milk cheque
  • Dairy herd quality is upgraded
  • Total lease value can be claimed as a tax deduction for your business
  • Cattle can be leased with no farm or stock mortgage – the security is the herd only

Run by people who understand the dairy industry and recognizes what it takes to be successful, CowBank's team are able to tailor herd lease agreements designed specifically for you and your individual dairy business.

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Herd Leasing
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