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Header equipment available from Crouch Rural

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Crouch Rural  supplies provides specifically designed high quality header equipment suitable for 60 and 70 Series Combines harvesters used in harvesting of all crops and conditions with the optimal harvesting solution to satisfy customers requirments. The header equipment are manufactured by John Deere.

At Crouch Rural, customers can find the 600 Series Platforms are available in HydraFlex and rigid models that gives high-performance of cutting platforms ranging in size from 22 feet to 35 feet wide. The 600F HydraFlex Platform is a well-known flexible platform available in the market. It can be used to harvest several numbers of acres a day while still maintaining platform cutterbar flexibility.

The 600R Rigid Platforms from Crouch Rural are designed to provide a user friendly crop material handling, while maintaining the smooth and consistent crop flow. It is suitable to harvest small grains or rice. Crouch Rural provides three sizes like a 25 feet, 30 feet and 36 feet of the 900D Draper Platforms for customer to choose from. The model gives effective harvest productivity when used in small grains and rice crops. It features with a draper belt system that ensures a smooth, uniform feeding of crop in the feed drum as well as in the feeder house.

Every headers and platform models available form Crouch Rural features with an in-built performance, service, safety and reliability that makes the harvesting easier and more profitable. Customers can also visit the official website of Crouch Rural to buy used agricultural equipment that can be brought online.

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