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Sprayer solution system from Crouch Rural

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Crouch Rural  distributes high quality series of sprayer solution systems like the Self-Propelled sprayer models including the 4930 Self-Propelled Sprayer, 4730 Self-Propelled Sprayer and many more suitable for agricultural operations and manufactured by John Deere. These self-propelled sprayers can also be used for custom application based on customer requirements.

These self-propelled sprayer models are highly designed targeting commercial applicators and farmers for higher application speed and giving a smooth ride in all cropping situations. The 4930 Self-Propelled sprayer is highly suitable for commercial applicators and large-acreage growers.

It is equipped with innovative features to increase productivity. Every sprayer function gets integrated into the GS2 display along with AMS for seamless integration and ease of use. The SCS is a boom feature in the model uses electric and pneumatic valves in conjunction with software controls to perform common operations including loading water into the solution tank, loading chemicals through the eductor and agitating the solution tank.

As for the 4730 Self-Propelled Sprayer has a capacity of 3,028 litre of polyethylene tank that measures 76.2 millimetres. Stainless steel tanks are available as an option. The agitation flow can be controlled from the ground and from the cab.

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