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Concrete tank and troughs repair kits from Crystal Fix

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Mr Crystal from Crystal Fix was designed to work on commercial grade concrete that has basic structural integrity. Mr Crystal is a trough and concrete repair kit suitable in repairing any kind of leaking concrete tanks and troughs. These repair kits can be used to treat any leaks in any concrete water holding structure.

Mr Crystal relies on the chemicals present within the concrete as it can only function within the concrete. Mr Crystal cannot leach into water or plumbing. It is less toxic than the concrete and these Crystal Fix products are approved by water authorities in most countries.

Mr Crystal is available in a powder form, so the material gets easily mixed into a paintable slurry, and can be applied using a brush to fix cracks. Crystal Fix recommends two coats for Mr Crystal to function effectively. A strip of material 60milli metre wide and 6mili metre thick is required.

Once Mr Crystal is applied it is permanent in the concrete. With its dendritic crystalline growth it becomes a permanent part of the concrete. Mr Crystal from Crystal Fix functions in two ways, physically it protects the steel from elements including water, minerals and air. Chemically, Mr Crystal restores the alkalinity into the concrete.

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