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Agri-Vac grain conveyors from Customvac Australia

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Customvac Australia  provides the Walinga Blower model of the Agri-Vac grain conveyor that creates a vacuum to draw in grains and air. With the help of the Agri-Vac grain conveyor, grains can be moved in any direction over long distances. The Agri-Vac grain conveyor can separate grains and air in the receiver.

The pressure from the blower moves the material out of the airlock and into a truck, bin or silo. The Agri-Vac grain conveyor is simple to install and use. It features hydraulically-controlled booms that can simplify truck loading. A flexible hose, attached to the conveyor, provides access to the tightest spots.

The self-cleaning feature in every Walinga model of the Agri-Vac grain conveyors from Customvac Australia minimises insect and cross contamination problems. These grain conveyors can be used by grain handlers to fill, clean or empty various storage types. Spills, bridged grains and contaminated loads are easier to manage using the Agri-Vac grain conveyor.

The capacity of the Walinga models ranges from 10 tonnes per hour to 100 tonnes per hour. Customvac Australia provides full service and technical backup round the clock for its grain conveyors. The powerful vacuum action of the Agri-Vac grain conveyor can remove the grain without the need for shoveling and dusting.

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