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Bulk feed trailer from Customvac Australia

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The Walinga Ultra-Lite Tanker bulk feed trailer from Customvac is ideal for non pressurised, non tipping feed and grain delivery. Combining the best features of the standard aluminium tipper trailer with the steel pressure tanker, the tanker tailor’s heavy duty build delivers a lower tare weight and a higher payload without minimising strength or durability.

With a belly mounted paddle – chain that moves the product in a clean and easy way to the rear of the tanker, no tipping is required which results in a safer and easier operation process.

Discharging from the rear of the tanker include a pneumatic transfer via a blower and rotary airlock or a boom and auger. In some cases both can be used.

The tanks multi-compartment design enables for a much greater versatility when scheduling loads. There is no need for an operator to enter the trailer which eliminates cross contamination.

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