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Air Bubble Jets

Air Bubble Jets are award winning Air Induction Spray Nozzles, these boomspray nozzles produce the smallest droplets of all Air Induction Nozzles and reduce drift by up to 75%. The air filled droplets ensure great chemical efficacy as they wrap around the target rather than ricocheting off.

The Air Bubble Jet fits in the standard nozzle and is a must for anyone who operates a boom spray where accurate targeting of sprays and controlled spray drift is required.

Air Bubble Jet Spray Nozzles Reduce Harmful Spray Drift by up to 75%
Other features and benefits include:
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK with a simple two piece design
  • Designed and constructed off the Billericay Air Bubble Jet
  • Improves chemical efficiency for crop control
  • Extends the spraying application window
  • Spray nozzle units are durable, easy to clean and handle
  • Operating from 2-5 bar pressure the air filled droplets do not get tied up in dust, evaporate into the environment or bind on standing stubble
The highly engineered precision moulding ensures a high level of accuracy with less likelihood of blocking.
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