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Boomspray Maintenance Tips – Spray Nozzles

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Given the heavy workload that today’s boomspray is put under, timely maintenance is critical for a smooth trouble free spraying program.

Firstly start with the monitor, was it performing properly at the end of last year’s spraying program or was it starting to erratic signals? If it was, send it in now to be repaired and do not wait until the first week of seeding. How long since the flow meter has been serviced? They do wear internally. Check the monitor wiring harness for wear and stretching.

Pump, were you able to maintain the same pressure as when the machine was new or does the pressure now drop off? It may be blocked filters or worn nozzles, but if the filters are clean the pump is in need of a service. Are there any weepage spots on the pump indicating worn out seals. If it is a centrifugal pump, is there any play in the shaft? If there is you need a seal and bearing kit.

Go over the tanks, check for signs of cracking or stress fractures around the mounting points. Check inside for a build up of muck on the walls.  If a sight hose is fitted, does it need replacing with a clear one?

Hoses and Taps, check for leaks and rubbing of the hoses. Do any hose clamps need tightening or replacing?

Are the taps all functional and easy to use or are they stiff and need replacing? Hydraulic lines, check them slowly and methodically for signs of weeping, bulging or rubbing and if liquid fertiliser is put through the boomspray, pay particular attention to the Hydraulic lines for damage to the outer layer. If the outer rubber is damaged it will allow the inner braided wire to rust and then burst under pressure. Whilst crawling under the boomspray, check the suspension and frame for cracks and wear.

Jack the wheels up and repack the wheel bearings with grease. Take particular care when retightening the bearing lock collar and wheel studs. Check the tyres for radial cracks.

Grease the machine and clear any blocked grease nipples. Boom Arms, check for cracks and fatigue, are they still straight? will they survive another season? Are the tabs holding the nozzle bodies cracked off? Check the boom arm folding mechanism, whether it be cable or hydraulic, check and adjust as necessary.

Nozzles and nozzle bodies, are the non drip nozzle bodies dripping and in need of new diaphragms or seals. Are you spraying in the correct pressure range for the nozzles?, are you producing the correct droplet spectrum for the chemical being used? Nozzles do wear out internally which can not be seen by the naked eye and they do need replacing but how often? Research in Canada is suggesting the useful life span of nozzles is approximately 20,000ha with a 30 metre boom. As someone suggested, you don’t start seeding with worn out knife points.

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