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The Cost of worn spray nozzles

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The poor old spray nozzle on most boomsprays is often the most over looked part of the machine, but it is actually the most important non moving part of the boomspray. The most efficient way to kill weeds apart from using the correct chemical and rate or to apply a residual based herbicide is by applying it using the correct sized droplet.  

Craig Gorfin from CWImports has heard so many times this year from farmers who have purchased a new boomspray fitted with BfS Air Bubble Jets, or replaced their spray nozzles with a new set of BfS Air Bubble Jets that they have had great results from the chemicals they have applied this year. This could be due to a number of reasons, but the common denominator in all cases has been the fitting of new Air Induction spray nozzles. Most case studies on the cost of using worn spray nozzles is just on the simple over application of chemicals, but with most boomsprays in Australia fitted with spray controllers this is not the case.    

The real cost of spraying with worn spray nozzles is the cost of applying chemicals with the wrong droplet size. If nozzles are worn and the user is applying chemicals with very coarse and larger droplets the number of droplets per square metre is not certain. This is a real problem when using low water application rates and or targeting small weeds, eg: Ryegrass. On the other hand damaged nozzles may be squirting and so very “fine” driftable droplets are being produced when in fact you think you are applying coarse non driftable droplets.  

The other question Gorfin is repeatedly asked is - “Do the Air Bubble Jets block?” No, the Air Bubble Jet does not block any more than any other nozzle. They may in fact block less because of their very simple design with no angled, fiddly air holes or internal ‘O’ rings.    

With chemical prices increasing constantly, CW Imports have held their price on nozzles steady. The cost to replace your existing nozzles that have probably served you well may be a lot less than you think and you will be able to spray with peace of mind knowing you are producing an accurate, even, non driftable spray droplet.

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