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Agricultural Slashers - 401 and 701 Slashers

Dakenag slashers are feature packed to suit Hobby, Farm and Contractor. Features like floating headstock, laminated rotors, adjustable skids and quality components make a package built to work and last.

Orchard Slashers from Daken

Farm Equipment - 401 Slasher
  • 40 hp Gear Box
  • Adjustable skids
  • Laminated rotor incorporating drive block
  • 3mm body plate
  • Adjustable 6" two plate slip clutch and comes with Series 4 PTO shaft
  • Floating head stock
  • 2 pc chain stays connected by compensating plate
  • Hinged metal clutch cover

Farm Machinery - 701 Slasher
  • 75 hp Gear Box
  • Adjustable skids
  • Floating Headstock
  • Laminated rotor incorporating drive block
  • 5mm body plate
  • Adjustable 8" two plate slip clutch and comes with Series 6 PTO shaft
  • Unique hinged gearbox safety cover
  • 2 pc chain stays connected by compensating plate

For further information on heavy duty slashers, mowing equipment and crop management from Daken, please visit the website.

Questions about this product

My 401 slasher gearbox has lost all the lubricant somehow. Your info says gearbox is prefilled with Shell Alvania EP(LF) Grease 00 but later says to check & top up gearbox oil. This is confusing. Do I refill it with grease or an oil? If oil which type?
Sorry for the confusion. Just top it up with gear oil. We currently use Valvoline 85 W 140. Fill it through the breather on top until it reaches the outlet plug at the bottom. Hope this helps. Any queries call me on 03 ...
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