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Davey Water Products' RainBank claims two national water awards

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article image Davey Water Products RainBank technical team, from left market manager Max Ekins and RainBank design and development engineers Rob Davidson and Joel Gresham

Davey Water Products  has received two prestigious national water industry awards for its Australian developed and manufactured RainBank controller.

Davey were presented with the International Product Innovations Award for the Best Australian Product at the 2009 National savewater! Awards and the Water Efficient Product of the Year award at the 2009 Green Plumbers Awards.

The new generation RainBank represents the latest rainwater harvesting technology that is a rainwater and mains water interconnection device.

A RainBank automatically controls a rainwater tank by providing water to toilets and washing machines with mains water backup should the tank deplete its supplies or power to run the pump becomes unavailable.

Max Ekins, Davey’s market manager, says that “a RainBank ensures that a rainwater tank becomes a dependable, low involvement sustainability tool for homeowners.

“Plumbers have also recognised that is an ideal complement to the installation of a household or commercial rainwater tank collection system.

Mr Ekins says that the new generation RainBank was developed and released in 2008 with additional patented features.

“RainBank now delivers water at a lower rate of energy consumption per kilolitre than the average Australian mains water supply.

“Recent research completed at the University of Technology Sydney confirmed that an average rainwater system is able to deliver water at 1.5 kW/kL, while a RainBank is able to produce water across a range of flows at 0.5 kW/kL or over 30% more efficient than competitor products and even our first generation controller.

“At the same time this efficiency allows for the selection of smaller pumps to do the same job and draw 30% less power.

Mr Ekins attributes the RainBank’s success to Davey’s local engineering, research and product development capabilities.

“These two latest awards I believe makes Davey Water Products the most highly awarded company in the Australian pumping, water and related product sectors.”

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