Kongskilde Mechanical Conveying Grain Systems from De Vree Equipment Sales

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Injector TF
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KBE Bucket Elevators, KCC Chain Conveyors, CFG Chain Elevators, BCA Belt Conveyors, Kongskilde Grain Augers

De Vree Equipment Sales provide a wide range of Kongskilde mechanical conveying solutions for vertical, inclined and horizontal conveying applications. Modular sections allow a multitude of lengths and heights to match your requirement.

Kongskilde KBE Bucket Elevators
Features and benefits include:

  • Six standard models, capacities of 20 to 120 tph, with custom built units to 300 tph at 0.75t/m3
  • Galvanized construction with bolted leg sections makes shipping and assembly easy
  • The leg sections are available in lengths of 0.25m, 0.5m, 1.0m and 2.5m
  • Steel Buckets and Oil Resistant Belt are standard
  • Accessories include Backstops, Speed Sensors, Plastic Buckets, Rain Covers, Transitions and Diverters
Kongskilde KCC Chain Conveyors
Features and benefits include:

  • Constructed from industrial quality Galvanized Steel with PEHD plastic bottom wear plate
  • Ideal for horizontal conveying and incline conveying at up to 7º
  • Heavy Duty Chains with brushes ensure optimum cleaning
  • Shaft mounted Gearmotor drives are standard
  • Extension modules come in lengths of 2970mm, 1270mm, 670mm and 370mm
  • Six standard models are supplied with capacities of 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120tph at 0.75t/m3
  • Larger units can be supplied
Kongskilde CFG Chain Elevators
Features and benefits include:

  • Ideal for use in tight spaces, suitable for vertical, horizontal and inclined conveying at up to 40 tph
  • Manufactured from Galvanised plate making the CFG Chain Elevator suitable for outdoor installations
  • Heavy Duty V-Belt drive is standard
  • Gearmotor drives are optional
  • CFG Chain Elevator can easily be adapted to other Kongskilde conveying equipment and OK Piping System
Kongskilde BCA Belt Conveyor
Features and benefits include:

  • The Kongskilde BCA45 Belt Conveyor offer horizontal conveying up to 50 metres.
  • The V-shaped Rubber Belt is self-cleaning and gentle on grain.
  • Capacity is rated at 45 tph. The BCA Belt conveyor will operate at up to 15 degrees incline at reduced capacity.
  • Other models offer capacities of 60 and 100 tph.
Kongskilde Grain Augers
Features and benefits include:

  • DGA and DGS Grain Augers offer a reliable and simple conveying system
  • Easily installed and relocated if necessary
  • Five diameters of 102, 127, 152, 205 and 254mm
  • Capacities of between 10 and 72 tph at an incline of 45 degrees
  • Standard Head and Foot sections are bolted to Auger sections to make lengths of up to 12 metres
Kongskilde DTA Trough Augers are available in three sizes up to 50 tph, these offer horizontal and inclined conveying at up to 30 degrees.

The DGC Grain Cannon has a bottom mounted motor and large intake hopper for convenient and safe mobility, the Grain Cannon is available in three sizes up to approximately 33 tph.
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