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Drum Cleaners
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PPR Rotary Pre-Cleaner, PRA Rotary Cleaner with Aspiration, CR Calibrating Drum Cleaner, Combi Cleaner

De Vree Equipment Sales are a supplier of Zanin products who manufacture a complete range of Rotary Grain Cleaners to meet the varying requirements of grain growers and seed processing plants. Zanin Rotary Cleaners are of Heavy Duty Galvanised Modular Construction and are well suited to commercial installations.

  • PPR Rotary Pre-cleaner is designed for simple fast removal of light and heavy impurities in the sample
  • Screen diameters of 600mm to 1,600mm
  • Varying lengths offering screen areas of 2.5 to 25m2
  • Features include Drum Inclination and segregated outlets
Rotary Graders
  • Zanin CR Rotary Grader separates grains according to their size
  • Variable Drum Speed and Inclination allow fine tuning of the cleaning process
Zanin Rotary Cleaners come with a range of accessories to optimise the service required by the cleaner. Available accessories include aspirators for the removal of dust and light impurities, motorised drum inclination, variable speed with inverter, control panels, cameras for control of product flow and conveying equipment.
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