Metering and dosing pumps for broad acre fertigation

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LMI Milton Roy, Dosmatic TurboDos, Dosmatic SuperDos

Liquid fertilizers, trace elements, liquid Lime and other liquid amendment concentrates can be accurately incorporated into the irrigation water.

Electric Metering Pumps

Milton Roy, a highly respected global manufacturer of metering and dosing pumps provide a range of metering pumps that may suit your application. 

Whether your application uses 415v, 240v or 12v, Milton Roy has a metering pump that will accurately and efficiently incorporate concentrate into your irrigation system.

Water Driven Injectors

No electricity is required. The TurboDos is a water driven injector that accurately doses liquid concentrates proportionately into the flow of water.

Irrespective of volume flow fluctuations or pressure variation in the pipework, the TurboDos accurately injects liquid fertilizers at the required percentage or rate.

Mobile Dosing and Metering Systems

Mobile metering and dosing systems are available incorporating the Dosmatic water driven technology or via the LMI Milton Roy electric dosing pumps.

Mobile injection and metering systems are ideal for remote crops or fire protection.

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