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Grain storage and handling systems from Downfields Engineering

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Downfields Engineering  is a manufacturer of equipment for livestock industry. Downfields Engineering specialises in grain storage and handling system. Downfields Engineering supplies a wide range of screw conveyors and feeders especially designed for free-flowing granular materials. The casing style of screw conveyor includes u-trough and tubular configuration. Screw conveyors can be manufactured in galvanised, mild steel painted or stainless steel materials in accordance with the operational environment.

Downfields Engineering offers diverter valves which are designed for gravity discharge of free-flowing, dry granular materials. Diverter valves are made available either in a pan or flap diverter in various sizes. Diverter valves are available in manual or pneumatic operation.

Downfields Engineering manufactures slide gated that are specially intended for free-flowing, dry granular materials that flows in gravity mode. Downfields Engineering offers rotary scalpers specially designed for heavy duty and reliable scalper which is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. The capacity of the rotary scalpers is from 5 to 200 tph. Downfields Engineering also offers round hole, slotted perforated screens and square screens are made available.

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