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Livestock identification tags from Drover's Rural Supplies

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Drover's Rural Supplies  is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of identification tags for the rural industry. Drover's Rural Supplies specialises in livestock identification including animal husbandry equipment and veterinary instruments. The manufacturing facilities of Drover's Rural Supplies includes pattern making equipment, small bronze foundry and finishing machinery.

Drover's Rural Supplies offers a complete range of cast bronze branding irons which include freeze brand number sets in six sizes, registered freeze brands, freeze interchangeable number and alphabet systems, registered fire brands, the unique gas fired brand, fire interchangeable number and alphabet systems, company logo brands for use on materials like leather, timber and plastics and the bee box brands. 

Drover's Rural Supplies a range of products are made available by Wesfarmers, Elders, Norco, IAMA, CRT and most rural suppliers. Drover's Rural Supplies has sold other brands and goods through out Australia and overseas.

Drover's Rural Supplies employs quality control systems through out the manufacturing process for ensuring all tags that are dispatched correctly and printed to meet strict quality standards. The print quality and adhesive strength is checked for each and every container of tags produced.

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