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Sheep and goat ear tags from Drover's Rural Supplies

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Drover's Rural Supplies  is a supplier of tail tags for livestocks. Drover's Rural Supplies has identified the niche market well and developed enhanced products to meet the demanding market needs. Drover's Rural Supplies offers improved products by employing advanced and latest technology.

Drover's Rural Supplies has gained reputation in the market and committed to manufacture and supply of high quality products and innovative customer services that are second to none. The management and staffs of Drover's Rural Supplies are committed in the implementation of the policies and regulations, providing outstanding services and producing high quality products.

The main aim of Drover's Rural Supplies is to maintain and enhance its innovative products and service, reputation and technological advantage in the modern market by manufacturing and producing products that exceed the expectations. Drover's Rural Supplies manufactures and supplies NLIS sheep and goat ear tags which are ideal for whole life identification for any animal sold or slaughtered in Australia. NLIS cattle ear tags offered by Drover's Rural Supplies consists of HDX microchip with a lightweight polyurethane two piece ear tag.

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