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Recycling of chemical containers from drumMUSTER

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drumMUSTER  organises waste reduction programme for ensuring eligible containers for use. drumMUSTER is specifically developed for the disposal of eligible and cleaned chemical containers. drumMUSTER’s main focus is to collect container materials from the waste stream and reuse the steel and plastic containers by recycling solution.

Containers must be pressure rinsed, flushed or triple rinsed well before reaching drumMUSTER’ s site. The containers should be free from any visible chemical residue outside and inside or will not be accepted at the drumMUSTER’s site.

After the collection of the containers in the drumMUSTER site, the containers are then shredded, granulated and heat extruded. Then the extruded materials are used for the manufacture of various products. Some of the products produced after recycling includes wheelie bins, recycled containers, irrigation pipes, outdoor furniture, vineyard posts, reflectors on the road posts and roads, road signs and barstools.

drumMUSTER offers eligible hazardous products which includes nemticides, insecticides, fungicides, miticides, plant growth regulators, seed dressings, animal health products, paraciticides, external and internal, anthelmintics, herbicides, vaccines and lousicides,etc.

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