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Qualities of Duralok fencing products

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article image Qualities of Duralok fencing products

Duralok continuous commitment to research and development has resulted in a PVC formulation specifically designed for Australia's harsh conditions.

Duralok PVC formula uses only Virgin PVC combined with its own proprietary Australian designed Ultraviolet (UV) protection. The high strength to weight ratio together with exceptional resistance to corrosion or chemical attack makes Duralok PVC formula  ideal for major and simple fencing applications.

Duralok’s  PVC fences are currently being used nationally as rural fencing, cattle fencing and general fencing for livestock as a replacement for timber fencing.  But Duralok has developed a comprehensive range of fencing products which include:

  • Pet enclosures
  • Animal enclosure (for example, those we know of, chicken pen; cattery; dog pens; for zoo’s, enclosure for children and animals to interact)
  • Using a 4 rail post and rail system, enclosure during lambing
  • Various designs of picket fencing
  • Privacy enclosure behind a spa
  • Swimming pool fencing using Duralok's standard square picket fence.The square picket fence is ideal as well for an attractive security fence
  • Sporting field fencing.

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