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EconSearch , in its project appraisal services, uses cost benefit analysis and other standard analytical methods. These are used to assess the investment proposals in the natural resource industries. EconSearch, in its regional economic modelling services, prepares Regional and State level input-output tables, along with their applications in analysing various impact scenarios.

The policy development and review services, offered by EconSearch, are utilised in the development of policies for government agencies and industries and the evaluation of natural resource management plans. The economic analysis of regions from EconSearch involve the collection of key primary data, gathering of secondary data, classification of opportunities and threats through snapshots of the region's economic structure.

The economic analysis of industries and markets services, offered by EconSearch, involve financial modelling of enterprises, business cost analysis, production demand analysis, evaluation of current positions and future threats and opportunities. EconSearch, in its economic assessment of industry research and development services, offers quantitative economic evaluation of individual projects, reviews and analysis of the R&D programme.

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