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Cattle Branding by Electrobrand

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Utilising state of the art technology, Electrobrand cattle branding offers the following advantages: 

  • Cattle Branding time costs are greatly reduced by embossing a 3 symbol brand in one quick application; 
  • Controlled penetration & neatness of brand symbols ensures top resale prices for hides; 
  • Limited radiant heat minimizes after-stress and loss of condition, by only burning the precise depth of hide; 
  • Neatness of letter styling makes it almost impossible to alter or effectively reproduce; 
  • Elimination of radiant heat and a totally noiseless pre-heat period reduces animal stress; 
  • A heavy duty 12V car battery brands over 200 head of cattle without recharging, enabling greater flexibility in choosing branding locations;
  • Due to neatness of cattle branding and controlled limitation of hide penetration, this unit is also suitable for branding horses; 
  • Eliminates the potential hazards of infection associated with chemical branding or electronic chips; 
  • Heating of the brand face only takes 8 to 15 seconds. Indicator light shows when the brand-face is ready, and another light shows the state of the battery charge 
  • It is a simple operation to change the cattle branding heads, or to attach a year number. Longer leads are also available on request.

The Indicator Lights

Facing the operator there are two indicator lights and a button in the handle.

Pressure on the button activates the heating mechanism. Depending on the size of the brand it will take somewhere between 8 and 12 seconds for the brand to be hot enough to use.

This time should be used to approach the beast to be branded. The Left Hand Light will glow Red when the brand face is ready to use. When this light is showing, remove pressure on the button and immediately apply the brand. 1 to 2 seconds will be ample to brand most cattle and less for horses.

The Right Hand Light glows Green when the battery is fully charged, but will become dim and flicker as the battery discharges. A well charged battery in good order should do approx. 200 head of cattle. The light will go out entirely as the battery flattens. If the battery is still in a vehicle, start the motor occasionally to replenish the battery. The green light will go out totally while the brand head is being heated.

To operate efficiently the unit needs at least a 12volt 11 plate battery, either from a portable battery at the site or by direct coupling to a battery in a vehicle. Most 4x4 vehicles or tractors have a suitable battery.

A special Life Long Trickle Charge 12 Volt Battery has been found most suitable where a large number of stock are to be branded. These batteries are available with attached carry handles and are specially designed to accommodate overnight trickle charging, or be recharged by a vehicle or portable battery charger during smoko or lunch breaks.

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