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Water pump products from Enviro-Friendly Products

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Enviro-Friendly Products  provides necessary advice and goods in order to help consumers, builders, architects, developers, building designers, plumbers and electricians. The professional consultants of Enviro-Friendly Products help consumers to recycle water, conserve, collect as well as save energy. Enviro-Friendly Products offers water tanks range such as Tankmasta tank, Poly Water tanks, Nylex Water tanks, Team Poly tank, Slimeline tank, Precision Poly tank, Underground tanks, Onga WatersSwitch, bladder tanks and tank accessories.

The water pump variety from Enviro-Friendly Products consists of solar pool heaters, commercial hot water, Quantum heat pumps and evacuated pumps. Enviro-Friendly Products offers solar power such as BP systems and Sharp systems. Tankmasta water tank range from Enviro-Friendly Products encompasses 19 different varieties that help to satisfy different requirements of customers.

Tankmasta rain water tank from Enviro-Friendly Products involve safe and secure one-piece moulding process. Enviro-Friendly Products can supply Tankmasta tanks ranging from 5600 litres to 45000 litres. Tankmasta tanks up to 5000 litres are available in Metro Sydney, Metro Melbourne, and the ACT and surrounding region. Tankmasta tanks from Enviro-Friendly Products are fitted with self-cleaning tank filter.

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