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10NR water recycling product from Envirocycle

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Envirocycle  offers waterwater treatment systems that recycle water and can be used as an alternative to sewage recirculation. Envirocycle's products include 10NR, Model-14, ultraviolet disinfection, commercial and Tank P74. Envirocycle Model 10NR is available in areas such as New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The treatment system involves various stages. Envirocycle Model 10NR starts with digestion of solids by anaerobic digestion then these solids pass through the exclusive primary filter media before going to aeration chamber.

The filtered waste water from the primary chamber flows into the aeration chamber in which the liquid gets bubbled by means of a submerged diffuser system which is linked to a blower with specific litres of air per minute. The water is in turn distributed around and through the contact media that has large surface area to volume ratio. The media continues the growth of an attached biomass which remains stationary in order to encourage either slow growing or slow multiplying nitrifying bacteria to develop.

After the aeration process, the waste water is allowed to settle under inactive conditions in the clarification chamber. The settled solids are regularly pushed back to the primary chamber through venturi system.

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