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Model-14 from Envirocycle

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The water is recycled in the Model-14 product from Envirocycle which makes it safe to use in garden area. This is accomplished through recirculating the water via a filter medium where aerobic bacteria are cultured. The bacteria are kindled by pumping oxygen into the chambers and in turn circulating the waste water around and through the filter medium. The system involved in Envirocycle Mode-14 is designed in such a way that the entire water which passes through the filter, is retained in the tank for a longer duration to carry out filtration process.

When the water in the sedimentation chamber reaches its flow level, it gets passed through a chlorination canister where the bacteria, which is present in the filtered waste water, are destroyed. Disinfection of the treated water makes sure that bacteria cultures do not continue to grow after the water has been irrigated onto the garden area.

Envirocycle carries irrigation process through a pump which is activated by a float switch. At the time of Envirocycle System installation, customers have opportunity to reuse water twice. This opportunity helps customers to contribute towards protecting and conserving environment.

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