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Aeration Systems - FieldBoss ADR 466 and ADR 66-51

The Agromaster® Disk Ridger from Farmtech is used to build ridges for furrow, strip and border irrigation systems. The disk ridger is also able to increase aeration and water infiltration by producing a course surface in the ridge system as well as improving cultivation by weed control, building dams for erosion control, crop management and generally improving all conditions for plants to thrive.

How to increase aeration and cultivation with Agromaster® Disk Ridgers from Farmtech?
  • The Agromaster® Disk Ridger has four disks with the ability to produce two ridges simultaneously on the 466 model or one ridge on the 66-55 model
  • The disks on the ridging equipment can be adjusted to produce ridges of desired height increasing functionality. This means that it can be used on a steep slope when short crumbly furrows are needed to reduce flow velocity and increase water infiltration, aeration and cultivation
  • The industrial aerators can also be used on less sloping fields when slightly deeper furrows are needed again increasing the soil aeration and cultivation properties of the soil
  • The Agromaster® Disk Ridger produces level and ridge forming with a high infiltration and aeration capacity and is able to tear a heavy weed cover away from the ridge and deposit the sod in the centre of the of the furrow for subsequent chemical weed control treatment in creasing cultivation capacity
The Agro Agromaster® Disk Ridger from Farmtech can be linkage or 3 point mounted with scalloped or plain disks depending on the type of soil needing aeration and cultivation. 
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