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Assessing the importance of work wear in preventing injury

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article image Felco supplies smocks and various other forms of work wear for enhanced safety in the workplace
All industries, particularly those that are high risk, such as the  agricultural, mining and manufacturing sectors, place a high level of  importance on safety in the workplace.

From developing a strict  set of guidelines for machinery use through to break allocations and  work wear regulations, there are various things to consider when it  comes to safety in the workplace.

Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult for employers to determine where it is they should invest their time and money.

In the big scheme of things many see that work wear plays only a small role in workplace safety, however Health & Safety International Magazine argues that it is more important than most employers may think.

The magazine asks that employers consider the following:

“When an employee has to conduct a task in a risky environment, and they do  not feel completely protected, they will be keeping an eye on protecting themselves rather than carrying out the task as efficiently and  effectively as they could.”

There is an all too common belief  floating around whereby employers think it is okay if their company adheres to even the most basic of workplace safety requirements that govern the provision of safety work wear.

In many instances this is not the case, and employers may need to go above and beyond these requirements to provide employees with a little more.

This feeling of safety is incredibly subjective, as while one employee may feel safe in basic work wear, another may not.

At the end of the day the safety work wear employers choose to provide their employees with has the potential to impact on workplace  productivity and company profit.

Guy Cotton work wear from Felco Distribution can help businesses bridge this gap, as the company manufactures a wide range of general and specific work wear products.

General farm wear items include bocage pants, jackets and bib and brace sets, meanwhile more specific items include:

  • Aprons and other clothing designed for dairy applications
  • Boots
  • Cuffs
  • Smocks
  • Waders
  • Full body suits
  • Long coats
  • Gloves
The safety conscious work wear is made from high quality materials that  are both breathable and lightweight for ease of movement and maximum comfort.

Furthermore, many items in the range are waterproof, which makes them ideal for various outdoor farming applications.

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