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Soil, crop and pasture monitoring services offered by Fertile Farm

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Fertile Farm  offers a complete range of farm services to grain growers and rural agribusiness owners with soil fertility control and plant health management needs. Through sustainable agricultural techniques and organic fertiliser products, Fertile Farm provides innovative agricultural solutions to its clients. Fertile Farm also offers sales and distribution services for a range of refractometers, water conditioners and probiotic cleaners. The organic cropping products supplied by Fertile Farm can be used for a wide range horticultural, agricultural and plant development applications. The farm services offered by Fertile Farm include soil, crop and pasture monitoring services and soil fertility enhancement services.

The fertiliser programmes organised by Fertile Farm help in analysing the fertility status of farm lands. Through independent testing and chemical and microbiological analysis, Fertile Farm designs complete application plans for the farm lands. The in field observations, paddock histories and lab test results are used for identifying the suitable fertiliser product and application strategy. Fertility of farm lands depends on moisture content and fertility of the soil and the seasonal conditions.

Fertile Farm provides its farmers with test results that help in choosing a specific approach towards the development of both fertile and productive soil.

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