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Extra pasture care with Fieldquip’s ATV towed mower; the ‘Quadtopper’

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article image The Fieldquip ATV Quadtopper

Fieldquip  Australia have incorporated many features from their large pasture toppers, to optimise the ATV Quadtopper among small block and lifestyle towed mowers.

Regular topping keeps grass palatable (sweet) and nutritious as well as preventing grass seed head formation which slows growth. Regular topping also stops weed growth, spreads manure and promotes better pasture.

For extra pasture care Fieldquip Australia recommends the Fieldquip ATV Quadtopper.

Like all Fieldquip products, the ATV Quadtopper is built sturdy and tough, with a strong 5mm steel plate deck construction, reliable and hard working 13 ½HP petrol engine, and hard, sharp silicone manganese topping tips.
The ATV Quadtopper is built with its owner in mind. Fieldquip have incorporated features that make the ATV Quadtopper simple to use, adjust (if required), clean, and service.

The high speed cutters, fast tip speed, and cutting widths of up to 1800mm all work towards high productivity, allowing chores to be done in a timely and efficient manner.

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