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ATV Towed Mowers- Quadtopper Tow Behind Mower, Quadtopper Estate Mower and Parkland Estate Tow Mower

ATV Towed Mowers
FieldQuip offer several different models and sizes of mowers to suit all mowing operations and requirements.

FieldQuip range includes: The Quadtopper Estate ATV Towed Finishing Mower, Quad topper ATV Tow Behind Mower & Parkland Estate Tow Behind Mower

The Quadtopper ATV Tow Behind Mower has been designed for All Terrain Vehicles and is ideally used on small grass areas

The Quadtopper Tow Behind Mower has been built with a 5mm steel plate deck construction to ensure the mover is sturdy and strong. 

  • Reliable and hard working 13 ½HP petrol engine.
  • 2 sharp 'swingback' silicone manganese topping tips.  Extra fast tip speed for fast topping.
  • Finished in a high quality 2-pack polyurethane  for greater durability.
  • Simple to use, adjust, clean and service.
  • Adjustable tow hitch height.
  • Large diameter cushion tyres.
  • Cutting widths - 1100mm (QTL) and 1400mm (QTXL).
  • Single Spindle belt drive.
  • All painted components are coated in a high quality durable two pack polyurethane finish.
  • Colour:  Various colours are available on your request
The Quadtopper Estate ATV Towed Finishing Mower provides a high definition cut and finish
The Quadtopper Estate is ideal for small blocks, orchards, vineyards and lawns
  • Can be used with ATV's, Quad bikes, 4WD's and UTV's
  • Quad-Estate are available in three widths: 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m width option
  • 3 spindle mower - ATV towed - with centrifugal clutch, electric remote key start and throttle control.
The Parkland Estate Tow Behind Mower cuts grass with precision
The Estate Tow Behind cuts to a very high standard and can be used on various types of lawn including vineyards, large lawns, manicured gardens
  • Grass flow antiwindrow vanes - for manicured finish!
  • Hi-torque 13.5Hp Briggs & Stratton Electric Start Petrol Engine
  • High speed cutters - 3 spindles - belt driven
  • 4 Castor 360 degree swivel wheels
  • Simple screw adjuster for easy height adjustment
  • 13-150mm 4mm reinforced plate deck
  • Centrifugal clutch and remote throttle control standard
  • Floating tow hitch
  • Simple one point belt adjustment
  • All painted components are coated in a high quality durable two pack polyurethane finish
  • Colours: Standard colour is FieldQuip red but can come in any colour you want
The Towed Mowers also feature a large diameter cushion tyre, belt driven rotor, reinforced plate deck and 2 sharp swing back blade tips.
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