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Flexi-Coil launches new liquid kit option

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article image South Australian farmers will see Flexi-Coil’s new liquid kit option

Flexi-Coil  has launched its new Australian-designed liquid kit option for Australian farmers.

Built specifically for the Flexi-Coil 50 Series air carts, the new liquid kit was developed in conjunction with Simon Richards from the Sprayshop in South Australia.

The new liquid kit is a module that fits into the existing tank. It will be offered as an option on new Flexi-Coil 50 Series three bin air carts and as an aftermarket kit for farmers wanting to convert their old 50 Series air carts to accommodate liquid – specifically liquid fertilisers – in the middle bin.

“Liquid fertilisers allow more flexibility and accuracy because the liquid comes out in a constant stream, making for better placement in relation to the seed and reducing the potential for fertiliser toxicity. It’s also easier to measure liquid fertilisers accurately and maintain that accuracy throughout the application,” explained Flexi-Coil Field Product Specialist, Scott Boyle. “As more and more farmers use liquid fertilisers rather than granular, it makes sense to have the option for this to be distributed right from the existing air cart, rather than having to add a whole new setup.”

The liquid kit capacity is rated at 3,277 litres when used on the 3850’s middle tank and 3,594 litres on the 4350’s middle tank. Application rates range from 30 to 150 litres per hectare.

The liquid kit components offer corrosion resistance for non-phosphoric acid based fertilisers. The tank can also be converted back to granular if required.

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