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Flexi-Coil’s ST820 precision tillage bar increases efficiency

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article image Flexi-Coil’s ST820 precision tillage bar increases efficiency

South Australian farmer Andrew Davey is expecting close to average yields in 2008 and recently upgraded his Flexi-Coil tillage bar to increase capacity for the season ahead.  

Andrew runs a 1,300-hectare property at Weetulta, on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia and said his 2008 yields follow on from a good year in 2007, with an average yield of 3 tonnes per hectare.  

“In 2007, our yields were quite good considering the rainfall we received and coupled with the high price of wheat – which is around $360 per tonne compared to $180 per tonne two years ago - all up, 2007 was a successful season,” Andrew said.  

With commodity prices expected to remain high in 2008, he plans to make the most of the season and expects to start sowing anytime from May when the rains come, using his new Flexi-Coil precision tillage bar.  

Originally purchased by his father over 10 years ago, Andrew has always found Flexi- Coil equipment reliable with virtually no downtime during seeding.  

“We initially moved to Flexi-Coil’s ST820 precision tillage bar because of the contour following frame and excellent trash clearance, which allows us to sow into heavier stubble residues. In addition, it was a requirement of ours that the machine have the flexibility to accommodate both knife points and shears,” he explained.  

“So when it came time to upgrade, it was an obvious choice to go with the latest model ST820 precision tillage bar,” Andrew said.  

Along with the new ST820 precision tillage bar, Andrew also upgraded his air cart, choosing a 3850 model.

It’s ideal for use in a wide range of cropping conditions and contains three separate tanks for seed and fertiliser.  

“We’ve been yield mapping for close to eight years, so we know which parts of our land historically yield lower due to underlying salt or rock,” Andrew explained. “On the new 3850 we took up the option of variable rate control giving us the flexibility to change our fertiliser or sowing rate on-the-go and avoid wasting money on inputs in areas which are not likely to deliver.”  

“With its 13,390-litre capacity and three tanks we will be able to put our phosphorus fertiliser out with our seed this season saving us from doing a separate pass with the spreader.  

Because of the new models capacity, less fills per day are required, resulting in more timely and efficient operation. Andrew estimates that the new equipment will allow him to sow 65 hectares in between fills, as opposed to his current capacity of 20 hectares. “That level of increased efficiency will translate directly to more time sowing,” he says.  

Andrew plans to undergo a maintenance check on his equipment in March to ensure everything is in working order and ready to go.  

“That way, if anything needs fixing, we’ve got plenty of time to get the machine looked over by our local Flexi-Coil dealer well before the season starts.”

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