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International expert hones flexi-coil technicians’ skills

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article image International expert hones flexi-coil technicians’ skills

Engineering expert, Bryan Willett, travelled from the CNH Saskatoon plant in Canada recently to host a series of intensive training sessions on Flexi-Coil tillage and seeding technology for dealers in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.   

Bryan has spent 12 years working at Saskatoon, which is the state of the art facility at which all Flexi-Coil products are manufactured. Over 50 Flexi-Coil dealer technicians and sales staff participating in the training were able to learn machinery set-up first hand and increase their knowledge of Flexi-Coil technology - from calibration to diagnostics.  

“Australia's unique conditions and farming practices, such as large paddocks, variety of soil types and minimal moisture are ideally suited to the Flexi-Coil product which has been designed to allow farmers to seed large areas quickly and accurately while minimising moisture disturbance,” Bryan commented.  

“Australian farmers, in comparison to farmers in other parts of the world, are geographically isolated. However, I have found this has created a spirit of independence and self-sufficiency and a support team committed to providing the best possible service to their customers,” Bryan said. “The technicians had a strong desire to know how things work and were enthusiastic to learn about the system’s extensive electronics. We had many discussions on diagnostic procedures and the best methods to determine causes of failure, which in the end means our customers, can be confident their equipment is in good hands.  

The training, which was held during three separate workshops in Kadina, South Australia, Griffith, New South Wales and Merredin, Western Australia, will also lead to cost savings for customers, added Tim Slater, Flexi-Coil Product Performance Manager. “The less time spent diagnosing an issue, the faster the machine is up and running, reducing downtime and servicing costs for farmers,” he said.  

The training comes at a crucial time in Australian farming, with high focus ways to reduce input costs and maximise yields through farming practices such as variable rate seeding, Tim added.  

“Variable rate seeding allows farmers to use a range of data including yield mapping, soil monitoring and rainfall mapping to determine which parts of the land are yielding more. With this information, they can make informed decisions about where to concentrate their sowing efforts in order to maximise yields. By doing this, they also save on seed and fertiliser costs.  

Tim added, the Flexi-Coil system allows farmers to control air velocity to ensure the gentle placement of seed and fertiliser. “When combined with our flexible cultivator bar, farmers can seed at the right depth for the conditions, with simple, single-point depth control. The bottom line is that we make it easy for farmers to control what goes into the ground. And we’re committed to going one step further than excellent product design, we’re committed through extensive training to ensure farmers get the back up service and support they need.”

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