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Advanced Digestion Unit Simplifies Soil, Plant and Water Analysis

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The Tecator™ Digestion Unit 2540 Auto is a new digestion block offering flexible operations in the laboratory and full compatibility with FOSS Kjeltec™ distilling units. The unit is the latest addition to the popular FOSS range that introduced the aluminium digestion block concept 40 years ago.

Flexible program settings such as temperature ramping allow a wide range of applications for the 40 position digestion block where small sample size and/or official procedure requires 100 ml tubes. The new unit is especially suitable for soil and plant analysis, water analysis, pharmaceuticals, sample preparation for AAS, segmented flow analyses and Flow Injection Analyses. The compact design with fully protected electronics minimizes the footprint in the laboratory.

Fully Automatic System

The Auto Lift version, with exhaust docking facility and delay time function, allows fully automated unattended operation contributing to safety and convenience by eliminating handling of hot chemicals and saving valuable bench space.

An optional Scrubber Unit, now with even more efficient fume removal and delay time function, creates a fully integrated system.

Product manager, Camilla Alvesson said: “The new Tecator Digestion Unit allows completely unattended digestor operation, giving total control day and night. Throughput can be increased by 25% by running the system overnight so that samples are ready for analysis in the morning”.

Bluetooth Communication

The Unit offers a two way communication with PC via RS232 or bluetooth giving full GLP-support and traceability by constantly logging of all data such as preprogrammed applications and activities during digestion.

More about Tecator™ Digestion Systems

Digestion system products, software and accessories are described in more detail in the Chemical Analysis Interactive product guide, PN 10012996. The guide provides a complete overview of all FOSS’ Chemical analysis products and can be ordered free of charge, directly from FOSS.

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